Addicted to New Adult: Cheap Books, a Fun Excerpt and an Author’s New Adult Experience

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This week New Leaf Literary & Media is celebrating all that is New Adult!


I’m finally back again today with another post full of awesome new adult goodness. First let me share with you some great news if you haven’t picked up either of Cora Carmack’s books yet.

losing it
ebook is $1.99!
Faking It
ebook is $2.99!!!












I paid big bucks for these two!!  Okay, so I call it “supporting the author”.  But now you can get these for a steal!!!  Just go to your favorite “e-tailer” and the prices should be reflected there!!!


I have a really fun excerpt from an upcoming new adult project from Chelsea Fine, writer of The Archers of Avalon series.  This is a great example of why new adult is so fun to read – oh the angst!!


[note color=”#D3BDAF”]Levi is so distracting. His arms are all raised, and his shoulders are all broad, and he’s fixing crap, and it’s just…just…annoying.

I pry my eyes off his back and force my feet to the stove where I throw vegetables into a pan, grab a wooden spoon, and ignore his close proximity.

My body hums.

I ignore that too.

He’s unscrewing the cover of the fire alarm and his arm moves with the motion. Why does he have so many muscles in his forearm? That can’t be healthy. I drop my eyes to the pan and focus on bell peppers.

Because bell peppers are interesting and they don’t have forearm muscles or backs the size of Alaska.

The forearm muscles that I’m not thinking about lightly brush against my shoulder and the humming inside my body knots together and zips around like a bumblebee on crack.

I casually turn down the heat on the stove, like that’s the reason I’m suddenly a human vibrator, and go back to stirring. Levi goes back to screwing.

Bell peppers.

I’m thinking about bell peppers.

But those blasted muscles can’t seem to keep their distance and soon enough Levi brushes against me again. Except this time his forearm grazes my breast and my body immediately goes wild like I’m some love-starved teenager and the humming dives low in my belly and the stove gets hotter and my breaths get shallow and suddenly bell peppers are the sexiest vegetable on earth.

From the corner of my eye, I catch Levi’s Adam’s apple bobbing with a nervous swallow, which can only mean one thing. The boob brush was an accident.

Well crap.

If he had been trying to cop a feel with his Hulkish forearm, I could have responded with some kind of snarky “you’re a pervert” comment. But it wasn’t on purpose and somehow that makes it sexier and now the cracked-out bumblebee is buzzing in my nether regions and my hands are starting to tingle and why the HELL is this stove so hot?

He lowers his arm for a moment, his eyes still on the alarm, and stretches his neck.

Ah, the neck stretch. Then universal sign of stress. Well at least I’m not alone in my frustration. My hot, distracting, pants-are-so-inconvenient frustration.

Wait, what? Who said anything about pants? I am NOT thinking about pants—or the lack thereof. Damn you, bell peppers!

I toss the wooden spoon to the side and move back to the counter where I pretend to be fascinated by a list of omelet ingredients.

I bite back a groan. What was I thinking, living under the same roof as Levi? There’s no way I’ll survive the summer.

Hell, I can barely survive breakfast.[/note]

You can follow Chelsea Fine on her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Colina Brennan‘s new adult book, Addicted to You, just came out on Tuesday (yay!) and New Leaf Literary shared with me an interview with Ms. Brennan discussing the new adult genre.  I always love to hear what authors are thinking about the state of their chosen field to write in.  Of course, I could talk books to a wall so what do I know…  enjoy!!!

interview new

[note color=”#D3BDAF”]New Leaf Literary: What first drew you to New Adult?

Colina Brennan: I didn’t get to experience a lot of what the typical college-aged person goes through because I got married my freshman year and then had a child the beginning of my sophomore year. So I love reading about this time in people’s lives and being able to enjoy those experiences safely through the pages instead.

NLL: Why did you want to write a New Adult book?

CB: Little did I know I’ve been writing New Adult for years, well before New Adult was a thing. So I’m glad it has finally gotten the recognition it most definitely deserves.

NLL: What does “New Adult” mean to you?

CB: New Adult encompasses that time in your life when you’re trying to find your way in a world where you’re no longer a child but you’re not quite an adult yet either. Discovering how to be completely independent can be daunting—some people fail and others flourish. Either way, it’s bound to be filled with accomplishments and missteps and plenty of quiet adventures.

NLL: What New Adult book is on top of your TBR pile?

CB: Subject to Change by Alessandra Thomas. If only my To Do list wasn’t a mile long!

NLL: Are there any authors you’d love to see do a New Adult book?

CB: John Green. I think he’d rock it.

NLL: What would you love to see next in New Adult?

CB: The growth of other genres. I’d love to see it explode in the same way Young Adult has.[/note]

Holy crap, John Green write NA?!?!  How fab would that be???  Totally agree!!

You can follow Colina Brennan on her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads.





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  1. That Chelsea Fine excerpt is hilarious! I have to have that one when it comes out. I have to second your “holy crap” if John Green wrote NA. Whoa. But I don’t think his would be angsty-sexy. So, sort of sad-facey here too.

    You make me laugh. Again. All of the time. You know what I mean. 😀
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